1[Prayer Of David] Listen, Yahweh, to an upright cause, pay attention to my cry, lend an ear to myprayer, my lips free from deceit. 2From your presence wil issue my vindication, your eyes fixed on what is right. 3You probe my heart, examine me at night, you test me by fire and find no evil. I have not sinned with my mouth 4as most people do. I have treasured the word from your lips, 5my steps never stray from the paths you lay down, from your tracks; so my feet never stumble. 6I call upon you, God, for you answer me; turn your ear to me, hear what I say. 7Show the evidence of your faithful love, saviour of those who hope in your strength against attack. 8Guard me as the pupil of an eye, shelter me in the shadow of your wings 9from the presence of the wicked who would maltreat me; deadly enemies are closing in on me. 10Engrossed in themselves they are mouthing arrogant words. 11They are advancing against me, now they are closing in, watching for the chance to hurl me to theground, 12like a lion preparing to pounce, like a young lion crouching in ambush. 13Arise, Yahweh, confront him and bring him down, with your sword save my life from the wicked, 14Yahweh, from mortals, by your hand, from mortals whose part in life is in this world. You fill theirbellies from your store, their children wil have all they desire, and leave their surplus to their children. 15But I in my uprightness wil see your face, and when I awake I shal be fil ed with the vision of you.
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