1[For the choirmaster Of David] The fool has said in his heart, 'There is no God.' Their deeds arecorrupt and vile, not one of them does right. 2Yahweh looks down from heaven at the children of Adam. To see if a single one is wise, a single oneseeks God. 3Al have turned away, all alike turned sour, not one of them does right, not a single one. 4Are they not aware, all these evil-doers? They are devouring my people, this is the bread they eat, andthey never call to Yahweh. 5They wil be gripped with fear, where there is no need for fear, for God takes the side of the upright; 6you may mock the plans of the poor, but Yahweh is their refuge. 7Who wil bring from Zion salvation for Israel? When Yahweh brings his people home, what joy forJacob, what happiness for Israel!
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