1[For the choirmaster Of David Psalm] Yahweh, you examine me and know me, 2you know when I sit, when I rise, you understand my thoughts from afar. 3You watch when I walk or lie down, you know every detail of my conduct. 4A word is not yet on my tongue before you, Yahweh, know all about it. 5You fence me in, behind and in front, you have laid your hand upon me. 6Such amazing knowledge is beyond me, a height to which I cannot attain. 7Where shall I go to escape your spirit? Where shall I flee from your presence? 8If I scale the heavens you are there, if I lie flat in Sheol, there you are. 9If I speed away on the wings of the dawn, if I dwel beyond the ocean, 10even there your hand will be guiding me, your right hand holding me fast. 11I will say, 'Let the darkness cover me, and the night wrap itself around me,' 12even darkness to you is not dark, and night is as clear as the day. 13You created my inmost self, knit me together in my mother's womb. 14For so many marvels I thank you; a wonder am I, and al your works are wonders. You knew methrough and through, 15my being held no secrets from you, when I was being formed in secret, textured in the depths of theearth. 16Your eyes could see my embryo. In your book all my days were inscribed, every one that was fixedis there. 17How hard for me to grasp your thoughts, how many, God, there are! 18If I count them, they are more than the grains of sand; if I come to an end, I am stil with you. 19If only, God, you would kil the wicked!-Men of violence, keep away from me!- 20those who speak blasphemously about you, and take no account of your thoughts. 21Yahweh, do I not hate those who hate you, and loathe those who defy you? 22My hate for them has no limits, I regard them as my own enemies. 23God, examine me and know my heart, test me and know my concerns. 24Make sure that I am not on my way to ruin, and guide me on the road of eternity.
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