1[For the choirmaster On the octachord Psalm Of David] Help, Yahweh! No one loyal is left, the faithfulhave vanished from among the children of Adam. 2Friend tel s lies to friend, and, smooth-tongued, speaks from an insincere heart. 3May Yahweh cut away every smooth lip, every boastful tongue, 4those who say, 'In our tongue lies our strength, our lips are our al ies; who can master us?' 5'For the poor who are plundered, the needy who groan, now wil I act,' says Yahweh, 'I wil grantsalvation to those who sigh for it.' 6Yahweh's promises are promises unal oyed, natural silver which comes from the earth seven timesrefined. 7You, Yahweh, wil watch over them, you will protect them from that brood for ever. 8The wicked wil scatter in every direction, as the height of depravity among the children of Adam.
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