1Al eluia! I am fil ed with love when Yahweh listens to the sound of my prayer, 2when he bends down to hear me, as I cal . 3The bonds of death were al round me, the snares of Sheol held me fast; distress and anguish heldme in their grip, 4I cal ed on the name of Yahweh. Deliver me, Yahweh, I beg you. 5Yahweh is merciful and upright, our God is tenderness. 6Yahweh looks after the simple, when I was brought low he gave me strength. 7My heart, be at peace once again, for Yahweh has treated you generously. 8He has rescued me from death, my eyes from tears, and my feet from stumbling. 9I shal pass my life in the presence of Yahweh, in the land of the living. 10My trust does not fail even when I say, 'I am completely wretched.' 11In my terror I said, 'No human being can be relied on.' 12What return can I make to Yahweh for his generosity to me? 13I shal take up the cup of salvation and cal on the name of Yahweh. 14I shal fulfil my vows to Yahweh, witnessed by al his people. 15Costly in Yahweh's sight is the death of his faithful. 16I beg you, Yahweh! I am your servant, I am your servant and my mother was your servant; you haveundone my fetters. 17I shal offer you a sacrifice of thanksgiving and cal on the name of Yahweh. 18I shal fulfil my vows to Yahweh, witnessed by al his people, 19in the courts of the house of Yahweh, in your very heart, Jerusalem.
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