1Al eluia! How blessed is anyone who fears Yahweh, who delights in his commandments! 2His descendants shal be powerful on earth, the race of the honest shal receive blessings: 3Riches and wealth for his family; his uprightness stands firm for ever. 4For the honest he shines as a lamp in the dark, generous, tender-hearted, and upright. 5Al goes wel for one who lends generously, who is honest in al his dealing; 6for al time to come he wil not stumble, for al time to come the upright wil be remembered. 7Bad news holds no fears for him, firm is his heart, trusting in Yahweh. 8His heart held steady, he has no fears, til he can gloat over his enemies. 9To the needy he gives without stint, his uprightness stands firm for ever; his reputation is founded onstrength. 10The wicked are vexed at the sight, they grind their teeth and waste away. The desires of the wickedwil be frustrated.
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