1Al eluia! I give thanks to Yahweh with al my heart, in the meeting-place of honest people, in theassembly. 2Great are the deeds of Yahweh, to be pondered by al who delight in them. 3Ful of splendour and majesty his work, his saving justice stands firm for ever. 4He gives us a memorial of his great deeds; Yahweh is mercy and tenderness. 5He gives food to those who fear him, he keeps his covenant ever in mind. 6His works show his people his power in giving them the birthright of the nations. 7The works of his hands are fidelity and justice, al his precepts are trustworthy, 8established for ever and ever, accomplished in fidelity and honesty. 9Deliverance he sends to his people, his covenant he imposes for ever; holy and awesome his name. 10The root of wisdom is fear of Yahweh; those who attain it are wise. His praise wil continue for ever.
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