1[For the choirmaster Of David] In Yahweh I have found refuge. How can you say to me, 'Bird, flee toyour mountain? 2'For look, the wicked are drawing their bows, fitting their arrows to the string to shoot honest men fromthe shadows. 3If the foundations fal to ruin, what can the upright do?' 4Yahweh in his holy temple! Yahweh, his throne is in heaven; his eyes watch over the world, his gazescrutinises the children of Adam. 5Yahweh examines the upright and the wicked, the lover of violence he detests. 6He will rain down red-hot coals, fire and sulphur on the wicked, a scorching wind wil be their lot. 7For Yahweh is upright and loves uprightness, the honest will ever see his face.
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