1[For the choirmaster Of David Psalm] God whom I praise, do not be silent! 2Wicked and deceiving words are being said about me, false accusations are cast in my teeth. 3Words of hate fly al around me, though I give no cause for hostility. 4In return for my friendship they denounce me, and al I can do is pray! 5They repay my kindness with evil, and friendship with hatred. 6'Set up a wicked man against him as accuser to stand on his right. 7At his trial may he emerge as guilty, even his prayer construed as a crime! 8'May his life be cut short, someone else take over his office, 9his children be orphaned, his wife be widowed. 10'May his children wander perpetual y, beggars, driven from the ruins of their house, 11a creditor seize al his goods, and strangers make off with his earnings. 12'May there be none left faithful enough to show him love, no one take pity on his orphans, 13the line of his descendants cut off, his name wiped out in one generation. 14'May Yahweh never forget the crimes of his ancestors, and his mother's sins not be wiped out; 15may Yahweh keep these constantly in mind, to cut off the remembrance of them from the earth.' 16He had no thought of being loyal, but hounded the poor and the needy and the broken-hearted totheir death. 17He had a taste for cursing; let it recoil on him! No taste for blessing; let it never come his way! 18Cursing has been the uniform he wore; let it soak into him like water, like oil right into his bones. 19Let it be as a robe which envelops him completely, a sash which he always wears. 20Let this be the salary Yahweh pays the accusers who blacken my name. 21Yahweh, treat them as your name demands; as your faithful love is generous, deliver me. 22Poor and needy as I am, my wounds go right to the heart; 23I am passing away like a fading shadow, they have shaken me off like a locust. 24My knees are weak from lack of food, my body lean for lack of fat. 25I have become the butt of their taunts, they shake their heads at the sight of me. 26Help me, Yahweh my God, save me as your faithful love demands. 27Let them know that yours is the saving hand, that this, Yahweh, is your work. 28Let them curse, provided that you bless; let their attacks bring shame to them and joy to yourservant! 29Let my accusers be clothed in disgrace, enveloped in a cloak of shame. 30With generous thanks to Yahweh on my lips, I shall praise him before all the people, 31for he stands at the side of the poor, to save their lives from those who sit in judgement on them.
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