1Bildad of Shuah spoke next. He said: 2How much longer are you going to talk like this and go blustering on in this way? 3Can God deflect the course of right or Shaddai falsify justice? 4If your sons sinned against him, he has punished them for their wrong-doing. 5You for your part, if you are pure and honest, must now seek God, plead with Shaddai. 6Forthwith his light wil shine on you and he wil restore an upright man's house to prosperity. 7Your former state wil seem as nothing to you, so great wil your future be. 8Question the generation that has passed, meditate on the experience of its ancestors- 9for we children of yesterday, we know nothing, our life on earth passes like a shadow- 10but they wil teach you, they will tel you, and their thought is expressed in these sayings, 11'Can papyrus flourish except in marshes? Without water can the rushes grow? 12Even when green and before being cut, fastest of al plants they wither. 13Such is the fate of al who forget God; so perishes the hope of the godless. 14His hope is nothing but gossamer, his confidence a spider's web. 15Let him lean on his house, it wil not stand firm; cling to it, it wil not hold. 16Like some lush plant in the sunlight, he sent his young shoots sprouting over the garden; 17but his roots were twined in a heap of stones, he drew his life among the rocks. 18Snatch him from his bed, and it denies it ever saw him. 19Now he rots on the roadside, and others are springing up in the soil. 20Believe me, God neither spurns anyone of integrity, nor lends his aid to the evil. 21Once again laughter may fil your mouth and cries of joy break from your lips. 22Your enemies will be covered with shame and the tent of the wicked wil vanish!'
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