1Is not human life on earth just conscript service? Do we not live a hireling's life? 2Like a slave, sighing for the shade, or a hireling with no thought but for his wages, 3I have months of futility assigned to me, nights of suffering to be my lot. 4Lying in bed I wonder, 'When wil it be day?' No sooner up than, 'When wil evening come?' And crazythoughts obsess me til twilight fal s. 5Vermin and loathsome scabs cover my body; my skin is cracked and oozes pus. 6Swifter than a weaver's shuttle my days have passed, and vanished, leaving no hope behind. 7Remember that my life is but a breath, and that my eyes will never again see joy. 8The eye that once saw me wil look on me no more, your eyes wil turn my way, and I shal not be there. 9A cloud dissolves and is gone, so no one who goes down to Sheol ever comes up again, 10ever comes home again, and his house knows that person no more. 11That is why I cannot keep quiet: in my anguish of spirit I shal speak, in my bitterness of soul I shalcomplain. 12Am I the Sea, or some sea monster, that you should keep me under guard? 13If I say, 'My bed wil comfort me, my couch wil lighten my complaints,' 14you then frighten me with dreams and terrify me with visions, 15so that strangling would seem welcome in comparison, yes, death preferable to what I suffer. 16I am wasting away, my life is not unending; leave me then, for my days are but a breath. 17What are human beings that you should take them so seriously, subjecting them to your scrutiny, 18that morning after morning you should examine them and at every instant test them? 19Wil you never take your eyes off me long enough for me to swal ow my spittle? 20Suppose I have sinned, what have I done to you, you tireless watcher of humanity? Why do youchoose me as your target? Why should I be a burden to you? 21Can you not tolerate my sin, not overlook my fault? For soon I shal be lying in the dust, you wil lookfor me and I shal be no more.
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