1Any hope you might have would be futile, the mere sight of him would overwhelm you. 2When roused, he grows ferocious, who could ever stand up to him? 3Who has ever attacked him with impunity? No one beneath al heaven! 4Next I wil talk of his limbs and describe his matchless strength- 5who can undo the front of his tunic or pierce the double armour of his breastplate? 6Who dare open the gates of his mouth? Terror reigns round his teeth! 7His back is like rows of shields, sealed with a stone seal, 8touching each other so close that no breath could pass between, 9sticking to one another making an impervious whole. 10His sneezes radiate light, his eyes are like the eyelashes of the dawn. 11From his mouth come fiery torches, sparks of fire fly out of it. 12His nostrils belch smoke like a cauldron boiling on the fire. 13His breath could kindle coals, flame issues from his mouth. 14His strength resides in his neck, violence leaps before him as he goes. 15The strips of his flesh are jointed together, firmly set in and immovable. 16His heart is as hard as rock unyielding as the lower mil stone. 17When he stands up, the waves take fright and the bil ows of the sea retreat. 18Sword may strike but will not stick in him, no more will spear, javelin or lance. 19Iron means no more to him than straw, nor bronze than rotten wood. 20No arrow can make him flee, a sling-stone tickles him like hay. 21Club seems to him like straw, he laughs at the whirring javelin. 22He has sharp potsherds underneath, and moves across the slime like a harrow. 23He makes the depths seethe like a cauldron, he makes the sea fume like a scent burner. 24Behind him he leaves a glittering wake -- a white fleece seems to float on the deeps. 25He has no equal on earth, being created without fear. 26He looks the haughtiest in the eye; of al the lordly beasts he is king.
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