1These three men stopped arguing with Job, because he was convinced of his uprightness. 2But Elihu son of Barachel the Buzite, of the clan of Ram, became very angry. He fumed with rageagainst Job for thinking that he was right and God was wrong; 3and he was equal y angry with the three friends for giving up the argument and thus putting God in thewrong. 4While they and Job were talking, Elihu had waited, because they were older than he was; 5but when he saw that the three men had not another word to say in answer, his anger burst out. 6And Elihu son of Barachel the Buzite began to speak. He said: I am stil young, and you are old, so Iwas shy and hesitant to tel you what I know. 7I thought, 'Age ought to speak, advancing years wil convey wisdom.' 8There is, you see, a spirit residing in humanity, the breath of God conferring intelligence. 9Great age does not give wisdom, nor seniority fair judgement. 10And so I ask you for a hearing; now it is my turn to tel what I know. 11Up to now, I was hanging on your words, I paid attention to your arguments as each of you chose hiswords. 12I paid very close attention; and I see that none of you has confounded Job, not one of you has refutedwhat he says. 13So do not say, 'We have found wisdom; our teaching is divine and not human.' 14I am not going to follow the same line of argument; my reply to Job wil be couched in different terms. 15They are nonplussed for an answer, words have failed them. 16I have been waiting. Since they do not speak, since they have given up the argument, 17now I shal have my say, my turn has come to say what I know. 18For I am ful of words and forced to speak by a spirit within me; 19within me, it feels like new wine seeking a vent, bursting out of new wine-skins. 20To gain relief, I must speak, I must open my lips and reply. 21I shall not take anyone's side, I shall not flatter anyone. 22I do not know how to flatter -- or my Creator would make short work of me.
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