1Job spoke next. He said: 2My lament is stil rebellious; despite my groans, his hand is just as heavy. 3Wil no one help me to know how to travel to his dwel ing? 4I should set out my case to him, advancing any number of grievances. 5Then I could learn his defence, every word of it, taking note of everything he said to me. 6Would he put al his strength into this debate with me? No, he would only have to give his attention tome, 7to recognise his opponent as upright and so I should win my case for ever. 8If I go to the east, he is not there; or to the west, I stil cannot see him. 9If I seek him in the north, he is not to be found, invisible as ever, if I turn to the south. 10And yet he knows every step I take! Let him test me in the crucible: I shall come out pure gold. 11My footsteps have fol owed close in his, I have walked in his way without swerving; 12I have not neglected the commandment of his lips, in my heart I have cherished the words of hismouth. 13But once he has made up his mind, who can change it? Whatever he plans, that he carries out. 14No doubt, then, but he wil carry out my sentence, like so many other decrees that he has made. 15That is why I am ful of fear before him, and the more I think, the greater grows my dread of him. 16God has undermined my courage, Shaddai has filled me with fear. 17The darkness having failed to destroy me, I am plunged back into obscurity by him!
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