1Bildad of Shuah spoke next. He said: 2What prevents you others from saying something? Think -- for it is our turn to speak! 3Why do you regard us as animals, considering us no more than brutes? 4Tear yourself to pieces if you will, but the world, for al your rage, wil not turn to desert, the rocks wilnot shift from their places. 5The light of the wicked must certainly be put out, the lamp that gives him light cease to shine. 6In his tent the light is dimmed, the lamp that shone on him is snuffed. 7His vigorous stride loses its power, his own designs falter. 8For into the net his own feet carry him, he walks into the snares. 9A spring grips him by the heel, a trap snaps shut, and he is caught. 10Hidden in the ground is a snare to catch him, pitfal s lie across his path. 11Terrors threaten him from al sides following him step by step. 12Hunger becomes his companion, by his side Disaster stands. 13Disease devours his skin, Death's First-Born gnaws his limbs. 14He wil be torn from the shelter of his tent, and you wil drag him to the King of Terrors. 15You can live in the tent, since it is no longer his, and brimstone wil be scattered on his sheepfold. 16Below, his roots dry out and his branches are blasted above. 17His memory fades from the land, his name is forgotten in the countryside. 18Driven from the light into the darkness, he is banished from the world, 19without issue or posterity among his own people or a single survivor where he used to live. 20His end appals the west and fills the east with terror. 21Such indeed is the fate of the places where wickedness dwel s -- the home of everyone who knowsnot God.
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