1'You will make an altar on which to burn incense; you wil make it of acacia wood, 2one cubit long, and one cubit wide -- it must be square -- and two cubits high; its horns must be of apiece with it. 3You will overlay its top, its sides all round and its horns with pure gold and make a gold moulding to goal round. 4You will make two gold rings for it below the moulding on its two opposite sides, to take the shaftsused for carrying it. 5You will make the shafts of acacia wood and overlay them with gold. 6'You will put it in front of the curtain by the ark of Testimony, in front of the mercy-seat which is on theTestimony, where I shal meet you. 7On it Aaron wil burn fragrant incense each morning; when he trims the lamps, he will burn incense onit; 8and when Aaron puts back the lamps at twilight, he will burn incense on it, incense perpetual y beforeYahweh for all your generations to come. 9You will not offer unauthorised incense, or burnt offering, or cereal offering on it, and you will not pourany libation over it. 10Once a year, Aaron wil perform the rite of expiation on the horns of the altar; once a year, on the Dayof Expiation, with the blood of the sacrifice for sin, he wil make expiation for himself, for al your generations tocome. It is especial y holy for Yahweh.' 11Yahweh then spoke to Moses and said, 12'When you count the Israelites by census, each one of them must pay Yahweh a ransom for his life,to avoid any incidence of plague among them while you are holding the census. 13Everyone subject to the census wil pay half a shekel, reckoning by the sanctuary shekel: twentygerah to the shekel. This half-shekel will be set aside for Yahweh. 14Everyone subject to the census, that is to say of twenty years and over, will pay the sum set aside forYahweh. 15The rich man must not give more, nor the poor man less, than half a shekel when he pays the sumset aside for Yahweh in ransom for your lives. 16You wil take the ransom money of the Israelites and apply it to the service of the Tent of Meeting, forit to be a reminder of the Israelites before Yahweh, as the ransom for your lives.' 17Yahweh then spoke to Moses and said, 18'You wil also make a bronze basin on its bronze stand, for washing. You wil put it between the Tentof Meeting and the altar and put water in it, 19in which Aaron and his sons wil wash their hands and feet. 20Whenever they are to enter the Tent of Meeting, they wil wash, to avoid incurring death; andwhenever they approach the altar for their service, to burn an offering for Yahweh, 21they wil wash their hands and feet, to avoid incurring death. This is a perpetual decree for him andhis descendants for all their generations to come.' 22Yahweh spoke further to Moses and said, 23'Take the finest spices: five hundred shekels of fresh myrrh, half as much (two hundred and fiftyshekels) of fragrant cinnamon, two hundred and fifty shekels of scented reed, 24five hundred shekels (reckoning by the sanctuary shekel) of cassia, and one hin of olive oil. 25You wil make this into a holy anointing oil, such a blend as the perfumer might make; this wil be aholy anointing oil. 26With it you wil anoint the Tent of Meeting and the ark of the Testimony, 27the table and al its accessories, the lamp-stand and its accessories, the altar of incense, 28the altar of burnt offerings and al its accessories, and the basin with its stand, 29consecrating them, so that they wil be especial y holy and whatever touches them wil become holy. 30You wil also anoint Aaron and his sons and consecrate them to be priests in my service. 31You wil then speak to the Israelites and say, "This anointing oil wil be holy for you for al yourgenerations to come. 32It must not be used for anointing the human body, nor may you make any of the same mixture. It is aholy thing; you wil regard it as holy. 33Anyone who makes up the same oil or uses it on an unauthorised person wil be outlawed from hispeople." ' 34Yahweh then said to Moses, 'Take sweet spices: storax, onycha, galbanum, sweet spices and purefrankincense in equal parts, 35and compound an incense, such a blend as the perfumer might make, salted, pure, and holy. 36You wil grind some of this up very fine and put it in front of the Testimony in the Tent of Meeting,where I shal meet you. You wil regard it as especial y holy. 37You may not make any incense of similar composition for your own use. You wil regard it as holy,reserved for Yahweh Anyone who makes up the same thing to use as perfume will be outlawed from his people.'
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