1'The Dwelling itself you wil make with ten sheets of finely woven linen dyed violet-purple, red-purpleand crimson. You will have them embroidered with great winged creatures. 2The length of a single sheet is to be twenty-eight cubits, its width four cubits, al the sheets to be of thesame size. 3Five of the sheets are to be joined to one another, and the other five sheets are to be joined to oneanother. 4You will make violet loops along the edge of the first sheet, at the end of the set, and do the samealong the edge of the last sheet in the other set. 5You will make fifty loops on the first sheet and fifty loops along the outer edge of the sheet of thesecond set, the loops corresponding to one another. 6You will also make fifty gold clasps, and join the sheets together with the clasps. In this way theDwelling wil be a unified whole. 7'You will make sheets of goats' hair to form a tent over the Dwel ing; you wil make eleven of these. 8The length of a single sheet must be thirty cubits and its width four cubits, the eleven sheets to be alof the same size. 9You will join five sheets together into one set, and six sheets into another; the sixth you wil fold doubleover the front of the tent. 10You wil make fifty loops along the edge of the first sheet, at the end of the first set, and fifty loopsalong the edge of the sheet of the second set. 11You wil make fifty bronze clasps and insert the clasps into the loops, to draw the tent together and tomake it a unified whole. 12'Of the extra part of the sheets that overlap, half is to hang down the back of the Dwel ing. 13The extra cubit on either side along the length of the tent sheets must hang down the sides of theDwelling on either side to cover it. 14'And for the tent you will make a cover of rams' skins dyed red and a cover of fine leather over that. 15'For the Dwelling you wil make vertical frames of acacia wood. 16Each frame must be ten cubits long and one and a half cubits wide. 17Each frame must have twin tenons; that is how al the frames for the Dwelling must be made. 18You wil make frames for the Dwel ing: twenty frames for the south side, to the south, 19and make forty silver sockets under the twenty frames, two sockets under one frame for its twotenons, two sockets under the next frame for its two tenons; 20and for the other side of the Dwel ing, the north side, twenty frames 21and forty silver sockets, two sockets under one frame, two sockets under the next frame. 22For the back of the Dwel ing, on the west, you wil make six frames, 23and make two frames for the corners at the back of the Dwel ing; 24these must be coupled together at the bottom, and right up to the top, to the level of the first ring; thisfor the two frames that must form the two corners. 25Thus there wil be eight frames with their silver sockets: sixteen sockets; two sockets under oneframe and two sockets under the next frame. 26'You wil make crossbars of acacia wood: five for the frames of the first side of the Dwelling, 27five crossbars for the frames of the opposite side of the Dwel ing, and five crossbars for the frameswhich form the back of the Dwel ing, to the west. 28The middle bar must join the frames from one end to the other, halfway up. 29You wil overlay the frames with gold, make gold rings for them, through which to place thecrossbars, and overlay the crossbars with gold. 30This is how you must erect the Dwel ing, fol owing the design shown you on the mountain. 31'You wil make a curtain of finely woven linen, dyed violet-purple, red-purple and crimson, andembroidered with great winged creatures, 32and put it on four poles of acacia wood overlaid with gold, with golden hooks for them, set in foursockets of silver. 33You wil put the curtain below the clasps, so that inside behind the curtain, you can place the ark ofthe Testimony, and the curtain wil mark the division for you between the Holy Place and the Holy of Holies. 34You wil put the mercy-seat on the ark of the Testimony in the Holy of Holies. 35You wil place the table outside the curtain, and the lamp-stand on the south side of the Dwel ing,opposite the table; you will put the table on the north side. 36For the entrance to the tent you wil make a screen of finely woven linen embroidered with violet-purple, red-purple and crimson, 37and for the screen you wil make five poles of acacia wood and overlay them with gold, with goldenhooks, and for them you wil cast five sockets of bronze.'
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