1They therefore sent envoys to him to sue for peace, to say, 2'We are servants of the great King Nebuchadnezzar; we lie prostrate before you. Treat us as you thinkfit. 3Our cattle-farms, al our land, al our wheat fields, our flocks and herds, all the sheep-folds in ourencampments are at your disposal. Do with them as you please. 4Our towns and their inhabitants too are at your service; go and treat them as you think fit.' 5These men came to Holofernes and delivered the message as above. 6He then made his way down to the coast with his army and stationed garrisons in al the fortified towns,levying outstanding men there as auxiliaries. 7The people of these cities and of al the other towns in the neighbourhood welcomed him, wearinggarlands and dancing to the sound of tambourines. 8But he demolished their shrines and cut down their sacred trees, carrying out his commission to destroyal local gods so that the nations should worship Nebuchadnezzar alone and people of every language andnationality should hail him as a god. 9Thus he reached the edge of Esdraelon, in the neighbourhood of Dothan, a vil age facing the great ridgeof Judaea. 10He pitched camp between Geba and Scythopolis and stayed there a ful month to re-provision hisforces.
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