1So Isaac summoned Jacob and blessed him; and he gave him this order: 'You are not to marry any ofthe Canaanite women. 2Go off to Paddan-Aram, the home of Bethuel your mother's father, and there choose a wife foryourself from the daughters of Laban your mother's brother. 3May El Shaddai bless you; may he make you fruitful and make you multiply so that you become agroup of nations. 4May he grant you the blessing of Abraham, you and your descendants after you, so that one day youmay own the country where you are now living as a stranger -- which God gave to Abraham.' 5Then Isaac sent Jacob away, and Jacob went to Paddan-Aram, to Laban son of Bethuel theAramaean and brother of Rebekah the mother of Jacob and Esau. 6When Esau saw that Isaac had blessed Jacob and sent him to Paddan-Aram to choose a wife there,and that in blessing him he had given him this order: 'You are not to choose a wife from the Canaanite women,' 7and that, in obedience to his father and mother, Jacob had gone to Paddan-Aram, 8Esau then realised how much his father Isaac disapproved of the Canaanite women. 9So Esau went to Ishmael and chose for a wife, in addition to the wives he had, Mahalath daughter ofAbraham's son Ishmael and sister of Nebaioth. 10Jacob left Beersheba and set out for Haran. 11When he had reached a certain place, he stopped there for the night, since the sun had set. Takingone of the stones of that place, he made it his pil ow and lay down where he was. 12He had a dream: there was a ladder, planted on the ground with its top reaching to heaven; andGod's angels were going up and down on it. 13And there was Yahweh, standing beside him and saying, 'I, Yahweh, am the God of Abraham yourfather, and the God of Isaac. The ground on which you are lying I shall give to you and your descendants. 14Your descendants wil be as plentiful as the dust on the ground; you wil spread out to west and east,to north and south, and al clans on earth wil bless themselves by you and your descendants. 15Be sure, I am with you; I shal keep you safe wherever you go, and bring you back to this country, forI shal never desert you until I have done what I have promised you.' 16Then Jacob awoke from his sleep and said, 'Truly, Yahweh is in this place and I did not know!' 17He was afraid and said, 'How awe-inspiring this place is! This is nothing less than the abode of God,and this is the gate of heaven!' 18Early next morning, Jacob took the stone he had used for his pillow, and set it up as a pil ar, pouringoil over the top of it. 19He named the place Bethel, but before that the town had been cal ed Luz. 20Jacob then made this vow, 'If God remains with me and keeps me safe on this journey I am making,if he gives me food to eat and clothes to wear, 21and if I come home safe to my father's home, then Yahweh shal be my God. 22This stone I have set up as a pil ar is to be a house of God, and I shal faithful y pay you a tenth partof everything you give me.'
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