1Do not try conclusions with anyone influential, in case you later fal into his clutches. 2Do not quarrel with anyone rich, in case he puts his weight against you; for gold has destroyed many,and has swayed the hearts of kings. 3Do not argue with anyone argumentative, do not pile wood on that fire. 4Do not joke with anyone uncouth, for fear of hearing your ancestors insulted. 5Do not revile a repentant sinner; remember that we al are guilty. 6Do not despise anyone in old age; after all, some of us too are growing old. 7Do not gloat over anyone's death; remember that we al have to die. 8Do not scorn the discourse of the wise, but make yourself familiar with their maxims, since from theseyou wil learn the theory and the art of serving the great. 9Do not dismiss what the old people have to say, for they too were taught by their parents; from them youwil learn how to think, and the art of the timely answer. 10Do not kindle the coals of the sinner, in case you scorch yourself in his blaze. 11Refuse to be provoked by the insolent, for fear that such a one try to trap you in your words. 12Do not lend to anyone who is stronger than you are -- if you do lend, resign yourself to loss. 13Do not stand surety beyond your means; if you do stand surety, be prepared to pay up. 14Do not go to law with a judge, since judgement wil be given in his favour. 15Do not go travel ing with a rash man, for fear he becomes burdensome to you; he wil act as the whimtakes him, and you wil both be ruined by his fol y. 16Do not argue with a quick-tempered man, do not go with him where there are no other people, sinceblood counts for nothing in his eyes, and where no help is to be had, he wil strike you down. 17Do not ask a fool for advice, since a fool wil not be able to keep a confidence. 18In a stranger's presence do nothing that should be kept secret, since you cannot tel what use thestranger will make of it. 19Do not open your heart to al comers, nor lay claim to their good offices.
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